Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Najib is a pathetic lousy politician

Come under criticisms from Dr M, Najib went around asking for support. Apparently, many in UMNO and BN pledged their support, much like many who carried "I love PM" banners prior to the election. After election, still lost the popular vote.

Najib is just pathetic. He is a lousy politician.

The issues raised by Dr M are nothing new. There have been around for awhile and these issues have not been answered effectively by Najib, if at all. Thus people no longer trusts the government. So Dr's prediction is valid, BN may well lose the next general election.

Najib should not just answer to Dr M but to the people!

When face with allegations, Najib just choose the "elegant silence", maybe hoping that they will go away, maybe he doesn't know how to respond. But by not answering allegations, he raises doubt and suspicions by the people.

Allegations are part and parcel of politic, if he doesn't know how to respond, he should quit. Allegations will keep on coming.

Among the key allegations now is 1MDB. If you lost money, at least you could explain how it was lost. Afterall, in business, sometimes investments just don't work out. With 1MDB, we don't even know what the money was spent on. What projects are they doing? Apparently, money gone missing. We don't know where. RM42 billions!

The Altantuya's issue is a big story now simply because of Najib's "elegant silence" in the past allowing suspicions to grow to what it is today. If he were to counter effectively at the start, it would have been a none issue.

Likewise all the previous allegations like Lynas, he didn't know how to respond.

It has been several years since Najib is PM. No achievements. Nothing to show. No leadership. What is his stance on Hudud? On China's aggression in South China Sea? What is his gameplan on improving Malaysia's economy?

The only problem is who to replace Najib? Not a lot of alternative? Maybe Ku Li?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lunch at Kuza Urban Japanese Restaurant

 Went for early lunch in Kuza Urban Japanese Restaurant today. It's a place I frequented often but mostly for dinner.

Plus all nearby restaurants had not opened yet despite it being eleven something, so decision making was easy. So the saying is true that early birds get the worm, and today I am the worm, the restaurant is the bird. They made a little business from me by simply opening earlier than their competitors.

The Salmon ceviche was good. Certainly one of the better ones in town. All the ingredients and flavour in harmony with each other.

Their ramen was average. Have had better ones. The best ramen in Perth in my view is Nao near the Royal Perth Hospital end of the city. Next time I show photo.

Separate ingredient for the ramen, they don't add them together.
Kastu chicken

Kuza Urban Japanese Restaurant
393 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hudud & silly politic 2

DAP campaigned very hard for PAS prior to the general election claiming no Hudud, rule by consensus, welfare state not Islamic state and all other bullshits.

Those bullshits did work and for the first time in Malaysia history, many Chinese not only voted for PAS but also openly supported them. On Facebook, there were certainly many "likes". There was also PAS supporter club made up of Chinese.

With the support, PAS became stronger. They are now in a better position to push through the implementation of Hudud and they are doing just that.

The non-PAS Muslim politicians are now in a difficult spot as they risk losing support if they don't support Hudud. Apparently Muslims are told it's their duty to implement Hudud. Not supporting Hudud will make them appear not religious, though in reality, we know politicians are the dirtiest bunch. If you think they are religious just by supporting Hudud, then you better get your head examined.

Instead of taking the responsibility for supporting PAS, DAP is trying to shift the blame UMNO. Typical useless and shameless people.

Fortunately, as a relief from the silly politic we see in Peninsular Malaysia, things in Sarawak are much better.

The state government is championing issues that are at the very heart of Sarawakians. Protecting our rainforests, improving livelihood, rid illegal immigrants and etc.

Plus Sarawak is arguably the strongest voice of moderation in Malaysia today.

These are what politicians are voted in to do, not some silly political games and manouvering like there is nothing else better to do.

Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant

 Felt slightly adventurous and decided to try a new place for dim sum over the weekend rather than the usual fare.

After reading some reviews, we went to Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant in Morley.

Don't be fooled by the name as the restaurant is nowhere near the sea, not even a drain. So don't imagine coconut trees or seabreeze around.

Anyway, the restaurant is not that hard to find. It's just beside Galleria Shopping Center. Parking was easy.

Like most Chinese restaurant, the interior design is not worth mentioning. In fact, it is non existent.

Sound echoes loudly due to lack to insulation and Chinese patrons who felt more than welcomed to speak at the top of their voice. If you like peace and quiet while enjoying your dim sum, this place is not for you.

There were many waiters and waitresses. Somehow they all dressed in black uniforms despite it being a not so auspicious colour for Chinese. So if you plan to visit, don't dress in black, otherwise people may mistaken you as one of their workers.

The food is good, so no complaint here. The variety is wide though they don't put them all in the carts, you need to order some of them.

Photos below..

Silver Seas Restaurant
10 Old Collier Road, Morley

Siu Mai

"Money pouch" but inside is seafood, not money 

Seafood dumpling

Beancurd wrapped seafoo

Prawn dumpling

Egg yolk bun

Sesame ball

Sago and grass jelly in coconut milk

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hudud & the silly game to out-Islam each other

Pakatan has a very strong, well coordinated and effective propaganda machinery. Many times better than Barisan, who are just lame ducks. They are master in shaping people's perception on various issues and people. Afterall it is the perception that matters, not whether it's right or wrong. 

Pakatan is so good at what they are doing that I know before the general election, there were a lot of Chinese who supported PAS.

Chinese supporting PAS was unimaginable only one or two decades ago, but they achieved the impossible. Many Chinese I know even "liked" PAS and particularly Niz Aziz on Facebook.

They went around town singing the tune "anything but UMNO", i.e no matter how bad PAS is, UMNO is worse. They announced "rule by consensus" to reassure those who were apprehensive about Hudud. Yet on the other hand, they subtly implied Hudud is not so bad afterall as it will be UMNO's hands who will be choped off to soften the impact once it's implemented.

When I told people not to listen to these bullshits, it fell to deaf ears. In fact I was told to "wake up".

PAS is an extremist Muslim party. That is its origin. It was formed when the extremist group could not agree and left UMNO to set up their own political party.

Their priority is not development or wellbeing of the people but to set up Islamic country like those in Arab.

Just look at Kelantan. The state is so backward in development that it's embarassing yet all they could think about is implementing Hudud.

Those who criticised the implementation already received death threats, rape and etc. This tells you how civilized these people are.

With PAS gaining more power, it forces the others to step up. Now there is the unhealthy competition to "out-Islam" one another.

We have rules such as on strict dress codes, shop closure on Friday, close proximity and gender seperation to appear more Islamic.

The Muslim extremists got nothing better to do than to mimic what they feel is the Islamic way of life. In reality, they are just mimicking the Arab living. These people should not be in politic at all.

If we are not careful, one day we will be like ISIS and behead people. Actually we already have Malaysians in ISIS and they were from PAS!!

I actually miss the days when Dr M was the prime minister. Strong and practical leadership. In his words, there should not be compulsion in Islam or any religion for that matter. If you want to do something, do it yourself but don't force it on other people. If you want to "out-Islam" one another, do it in your deeds, rather than silly legislations.

Extremist party like PAS should not be supported. I hope DAP will stop beating around the bush and leave Pakatan at once.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Giant Grouper

Saw this in the Borneo Post today. It's sure one big Giant Grouper. In fact, the word "giant" is an understatement as fish the size of a little cat can also be called giant nowadays. 

All my life snorkelling and diving, never seen fish this big.

The fish head curry from this one sure can feed many people.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Uni students struggling to make ends meet

Today I read a news article on how Aussie students are living struggling to make ends meet, living from hand to mouth basically.

For some reasons Australians like to shorten a word and end it with "ie" as much as Malaysians like to use "lah" and other idiosyncracies. For instance, Australians become Aussie, mosquitoes become mossies, barbeque becomes barbie (sounds a bit feminine but even the guys like it) and etc.

Anyway, I was a uni student less than a decade ago, so can still remember a bit of my uni life.

Back then life was simple. When I first entered uni, I did not have mobile phone. It was only later I got one. iPad or other tablets did not exist. In fact, touch screen was almost sci-fci portrayed in movies like "Minority Report".

To save money, we cook our meals. After awhile, what started as survival cooking, which you can make a reality show on nowadays, improved somewhat. The food that we cook tasted better than a lot of the substandard and expensive so called authentic Asian restaurants that you can find in Melbourne where I studied.

I did not have a car until much later. Overseas holidays was basically balik kampung to Malaysia. No travelling the world.

Reading the news article, priorities have changes. Now electronic gadgets are part and parcel of being uni students. Entertainment, overseas holidays and etc are high on priority list. It's little wonder they are broke.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MH370 interim report

Nothing new really comes out of the MH370 interim report.

We are no closer to solving the mystery. No new clues are found since MH370 went missing over a year ago.

Yet the media is again vicious in attacking and humiliating Malaysia.

They made a fuss over a certain flight controller who was alseep, somewhat implying gross incompetence though no other details were given.

Depending on your work, sleeping on night duty is not uncommon. In my line or work, doctors sleep during night duty also if there are no calls or patients to attend to. Nurses have scheduled sleeping time. I think pilots have scheduled sleeping time also from what I watch from TV. The flight controller may just have his scheduled sleep time, so it might just be part of the norm.

Nevertheless, it was clear from the conversation between Malaysia Airlines staff and the flight controller that the flight controller did not suspect anything was wrong at that point.

Afterall, they have handed over MH370 to their Vietnamese counterpart. Their part of the job was done. The last thing they heard was "Goodnight Malaysia 370". Nothing unusual.

For MH370 to precisely cut off communications right after that suggests that it was no accident but rather something well planned.

When better to create confusion but during the changeover between two countries?

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Empurau: Most expensive fish in Malaysia

RM15,000 for this fish. He better don't drop it

Would you pay RM15,000 for a fish?

I wouldn't, but someone else did just that as reported in the Borneo Post. You can get a secondhand Proton for a cheaper price.

Anyway, Empurau is the most expensive fish in Malaysia and is found in the uprivers of Sarawak.

Supposedly the pristine water and its diet of jungle fruits that fall into the river give the fish its unique flavour.

The Chinese also called the fish "wang bu liao" or unforgetable. Yes, with its pricetag, it will be unforgetable alright, all the ang pows money you collect in your whole childhood life also not enough. 

The "wang bu liao" also refers to its flavour. Apparently, once you taste it, you will never forget it. 

Sadly, its natural habitat is seriously endangered thanks to deforestation and plantation. I hope more effort will be put into preserving what we have as if we lose it, we may lose it forever.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Kita Lawan rally: A public nuisance

In court you can win or lose, you just have to accept the outcome.

It seems some people just don't get it.

Today, they gathered for "Kita lawan" rally to demand Anwar Ibrahim's release from jail.

Anwar Ibrahim had won many legal cases but he lost the sodomy case simply because the prosecutors argued their case better. No conspiracy the way I see it.

"Kita lawan" rally is just a public nuisance, causing traffic jams and inconvenience to the public.

The more they rally, the more I feel Anwar Ibrahim should stay in jail for being the head troublemaker.

MH370: A sophisticated work

It has been a year since MH370 went missing.

Those leading the search seem optimistic that the plane can be found.

Though at the moment, not a single debris had been found. Not even a cushion cover and chopstick.

All we have are theories and speculations. No hard evidence.

Australia is already signalling that the search cannot go on forever. It's just too costly. Fair enough.

If the plane is not found, the lost of MH370 will just remain a mystery.

How is it a large commercial plane on a routine flight lost all communications in a sudden, supposedly travelled in the opposite direction to the Indian Ocean and went missing?

Surely this cannot be the work of one man.

The communication systems are too complex to be turned off completely by your average pilot. 

If it were just the pilot, you would have thought the co pilot, flight attendants and even passengers would try to take over the plane or send distress signal.

You would have thought the passengers would try to use their mobiles like during September 11 attack.

The missing of MH370 seems like a sophisticated work by professionals. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A new chapter for Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines moves to a new chapter with their first foreigner CEO, Christoph Mueller.

I do not believe there is no Malaysian good enough to be CEO, afterall, I see lots of Malaysian professionals highly sought after internationally. Certainly in medicine, where I work, I see lots of talented Malaysian doctors who are leaders in their fields. 

Rather it was the lack of political will that stalled previous efforts at turning the airline around, plus the twin disaster of MH370 and MH17 didn't help either.

Idris Jala did a reasonably good job when he was MAS CEO considering all the constraints that were against him. Somehow he was removed all of a sudden.

Nevertheless, Christoph Mueller is the CEO now, whether we like it or not. He should be given time to prove himself.

Fortunately for him, apart from the respite from falling oil price, it seems the government is a bit more serious now.

With the help of the government, Malaysia Airlines is tackling one of its fundamental weaknesses, that is its high cost.

The aviation industry is just too competitive for an airline to fly with a high cost burden. If you reduce airfare too much, you will fly with a loss even if you fill the planes full.

Contracts will be reviewed (I'm sure many are lopsided). Workforce will be trimmed. Network will be consolidated.

The contracts will need to be renegotiated without compromising on product and service quality. Any man and his dog can reduce cost just by reducing quality, this is not what we want.

Workforce will need to be trimmed without affecting the morale of the employees. What use will it be if you reduce headcount to save money but left with a demoralized bunch? The employees will need to be motivated for Malaysia Airlines to be successful.

Network consolidation is a bit contentious, afterall airline is basically a transport industry. Your business is moving people and things, so wide network and good frequency are imperative. Who wants to fly an airline that hardly flies anywhere? Cutting routes can only be a very temporary solution to save money, otherwise it will backfire.

Above will need to be done with a sense of urgency while rival airlines gain from strength to strength.

Once achieved, Malaysia Airlines will again be in better position to fight back, and to fight back it must.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Australia too expensive

It's true that Australia is too expensive for business. Some of the wages here are just crazy.

Blue collar workers here are paid way too much. Some are so rich that they earned themselves the title of "cashed up bogans".

For instance, if you want to call in a plumber on weekend, for the price that you need to pay them, it might be better just to stay in a hotel temporarily. It's like they do particularly good job, just average.

Those who work in the mines can easily earn more than professionals.

Though now the tide is turning against Australia. The mining boom is practically over and commodities price hardly where they were before, Australia needs to make themselves competitive again.

As trading nation, you need to produce something or provide services. Your price needs to be competitive enough.

Those days with crazy high wages especially for blue collar workers need to go.
In Malaysia, I know many are clamouring for higher pay (and enjoying good easygoing life), especially when you have politicians trying to be populists fanning the sentiment. Higher pay without improving productivity is a recipe for disaster. 

Australian workers overpaid, hard to fire, says US economist

THE economy is struggling to grow because Australians get too much pay, too much annual leave and are too hard to fire, an American economist says.

Bob Baur, chief global economist at Principal Global Investors, said the local labour market was in need of reform if the economy was going to shift from its dependence on mining for growth.

Mining investment is dwindling and iron ore isn’t fetching the prices that it used to, but other sectors have yet to step up to fill the breach.

Dr Baur said Australia needs to start making things again, and exporting its services, like education.

But, with the Australian dollar still too high and the labour market too restrictive, it’s hard to do business here, he said.

“The best thing for Australia would be some significant economic reform in terms of maybe loosening up the labour market and making it easier for businesses to take on workers or let workers go in difficult times,” Dr Baur said.

“You’ve got tonnes of wonderful natural resources here but don’t export the resources — export them as a car, or a computer or a television set, or furniture.

“You need to put some labour into it and make something of it here, rather than let somebody make something of it across the world.”

Dr Baur said Australia needed to follow the footsteps of the US, where manufacturing was thriving again after having lost six million jobs through the 90s and noughties to the cheaper labour markets of China and India.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Sony Xperia Tablet Z4

Sony has just unveiled their latest tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z4. Pretty impressive stuff.

Slick design, powerful processor, waterproof and light.

I hope they do their marketing better this time.

Nowadays, even a superb product wouldn't sell with poor advertisement.

On the contrary, you can sell junks if you know how to advertise it properly.

Somehow Sony is terrible when it comes to marketing.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

CM Adenan & Sarawak state election

Developments in Sarawak is still something close to my heart as that was where I grew up. Still go back whenever possible.

Reading between the lines in the news lately, it seems the Sarawak state election can happen anytime from now.

Leading the BN troops will be CM Adenan.

I never heard of Adenan until he actually become CM. So like most people, I was very skeptical of his abilities. Like most people also, I assumed that he must be one of those "kaki" or yes-man of previous CM Taib Mahmud.

Guess I was wrong, though I think it's still good to be skeptical of politicians first but give them time to proof themselves.

CM Adenan turned out to be man of himself and someone Sarawakians and Malaysians can be proud of.

He is a voice of moderation, something much of a relief while other politicians play race, religion and simply being extremists for political leverage.

I am also happy that he takes the fight to protect our rainforest and actually doing something against illegal loggers and some "legal" ones.

Going against these "timber giants" is no small feat. The logging business involves huge sum of money and almost definitely involves people of influence behind the scenes. Ongoing effort will need our support.

For all he is doing and has done in his short stint as CM, he deserves another term with a comfortable majority.

On the other hand, we have our Pakatan. Though we should have some opposition politicians as representatives, we don't need a lot them. They can be less.

The Pakatan supporters applaused when CM Adenan said "Sarawak don't want UMNO".

Yes, UMNO is somewhat extremist, likewise Pakatan parties are the same also. It's like pot calling the kettle black.

DAP thrives on the politics of hatred. PKR plays some of the dirtiest tricks in the book even against their own members. PAS got nothing better to do than Hudud and imposing so called Islamic laws on others.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Altantuya & Sirul's tell all

It seems Pakatan is trying hard to revive the old Altantuya issue..

They are working together with Australian politicians including Mr Xenophon (a big Anwar Ibrahim's fan who happens to have a surname that can be easily mistaken for a musical instrument), to arrange a Sirul's "tell all" to the media.

All these efforts to embarass Malaysia in the eyes of the world.

Aren't there any other issues to talk about? Challenges to our economy not important? Recovery efforts after the largest flood in Malaysia not worth their time? Quality education? Health?

Why must bring up old issue of Altantuya? What good will it bring?

Once I was very much pro-opposition, thinking that they were patriots wanting to change Malaysia for the better.

It wasn't long before I realized Pakatan is just a bunch of hypocrites crazy after power and wealth. They have no qualms when it comes to dirty tricks and lies if it means giving them political advantage..

They will use you when they need you. When you are of no use to them, well good luck.

The late PI Bala went around town giving roadshows on Altantuya case just prior to the election. He was regarded like a hero by Pakatan supporters. After his unexpected death from heart attack, his family was left in a dire state to fend for themselves. No money. No help whatsover. A dead PI Bala was of no use to Pakatan.

The integrity of Altantuya case had been compromised so much that you just couldn't tell facts from fiction, after all it was initially exposed not to find justice, but to hurt Najib politically (I'm no fan of Najib by the way).

Here are some of the questions:
1) How come French denied she was involved when she was supposed to the interpreter? They even denied she ever entered the country at the alleged time.

2) Don't they have professional interpreter? Even for my work, I have to use professional interpreter as may have legal implication. What more to say billion dollars business deal? Can just use girlfriend to interpret?

3) Apparently her body was blown to pieces. So how did they identify her? Who identified her? Which doctor? Which hospital was the remain brought to? How did they match DNA? Where is the remain now?

4) How did they know it was C4 explosive device? Body blown to pieces are body blown to pieces. What characteristic would C4 explosion make?

These are very basic questions. The Altantuya case may had been the biggest lie in Malaysia's history and fooled the most people, the so called enlightened and educated ones.

Top 10 Beaches in Australia

 Whitehaven beach

The Tripadvisor had just came up with the Top 10 beaches in Australia.. There are many pristine unspoilt beaches in Australia.. Certainly many in Western Australia where I stay now.. The water might be a bit too cold for swimming though unless you have enough body fat like an elephant seal..

Anyway, I'm not sure how The Tripadvisor came up with their list.. Based on natural beauty? Surrounding amenities? Shops? Free sunscreen? Or numbers of elephant seals basking on the sand?

Some of the beaches like Manly Beach is just an over-rated commercial pristinct.. the beach itself is really nothing.. 

Likewise, Cottesloe Beach.. Only come if you want to see what WA bogans are like.. There are so many other nicer beaches in WA. Don't know how this one made it up there..

Top 10 Beaches in Australia

1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, QLD

2. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, WA

3. Cable Beach, Broome, WA

4. Burleigh Heads Beach, Burleigh Heads, QLD

5. Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW

6. Noosa Main Beach, Noosa, QLD

7. Cottesloe Beach, Cottesloe, WA

8. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, QLD

9. Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Surfers Paradise, QLD

10. Coolangatta Beach, Coolangatta, QLD

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sodomy II, Pereira, Adam Adli

First his semen was found up someone's bottom. Second, despite being so outspoken out in the street, he was too chickened to be cross examined by lawyers in court. Third, all his witnesses including his wife who were supposed to prove his alibi that he was not there when the alleged sodomy took place also got cold feet and chickened out after CCTV showed he was there.

All Anwar Ibrahim could do was to scream this was all conspiracy against him, the judiciary was unfair (forgetting the many cases he won), fabricated evidence and other wild accusations.. How in the world people could fabricate his semen, that one I don't know. Maybe need to watch Discovery Channel more..

Not suprising that we now heard that Anwar tried to get the ex cop Pereira to lie and subvert the trial prior to the election, promising him that he would be "taken care off if PKR wins".

Desperate people do desperate things. Anwar the great liar and manipulator can promise the moons and stars if he needs you. That's his talent, to hook people. When he doesn't need you anymore, just look at Khalid the former Selangor MB.

If you look at his sodomy case objectivity, it is no surprise that he was found guilty. Yet many still have wools over their eyes. 

People like Lim Kit Siang went telling people that once Pakatan wins the next general election, Anwar can be freed and made prime minister. How about that for manipulating the court? 

Demonstrations albeit small ones were held to free Anwar. 

I am happy that police nabbed one of the leaders, someone called Adam Adli. Apparently this dude is a student. Not sure what course he is doing but he should spend more time studying, be a good boy and get a decent hair cut rather than organizing some silly demonstrations.

MH17: some sick people

Two really sick people whoever they are

It has been quite sometime since MH17 was shot down flying over Ukraine.. The progress of investigations into who the real culprit is has been quite slow with plenty of finger pointing..

No compensation at all to Malaysia Airlines.. Maybe Ukraine and the rebel should share 50-50 and pay Malaysia Airlines and the families involved but no this did not happen.

Anyway, saw the above shocking photo today.. Some people are just scums.. Better for them to fight and destroy each other into oblivion..

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sony Xperia

Sometimes marketing is more important than the actual product itself. You can have a fine product but poor marketing, you won't sell many and vice versa. Afterall, it's the perception that matters. If your product is perceived as quality stuff, then it will sell even if it's just lacklustre objectively. 

In the case of Sony, it's a negative example..

Sony makes pretty good products, for example, their VAIO laptops are some of the best.. Somehow their marketing is so lame that they hardly make any sales and they had to close shop.. So they no longer make laptops now..

It seems that their smartphones are next on the chopping board, though I hope they won't axed them completely.

Their Xperia smartphones are arguably the best around today.. Waterproofed, well designed, sharp camera and packed with some powerful processors.

Again, somehow they just can't get their marketing right.. They have such good product yet reception had been poor..

Instead of abandoning their smartphones, maybe Sony should just sack their marketing department and replaced them completely..