Saturday, June 13, 2015

1MDB: Stupid investment

There are many many things you could do if you borrow RM42 billions. Improve infrastructure, education, various projects, military and etc.

Probably the least of it is to spend all the money to buy some non-income generating stuff and yet still need to pay RM1 million of interest per day.

So it's not surprising 1MDB is in trouble. It's just plain stupid investment strategy by them.

The only money they make is by cheating the government and effectively the people's money by buying government land and dirt cheap price and sell it at hefty price.

This sovereign wealth fund is a joke. More like sovereign debt. Everyday worry about how to pay interest.

At the helm is effectively Najib, who still thinks he did nothing wrong and wants to stay on as prime minister. Najib you are the worst prime minister ever!

Friday, June 05, 2015

"Sarawak for Najib" is nauseating

Just the name of the gathering being "Sarawak for Najib" already makes me a bit nauseous.

Anyway, it was an event organised by component parties of Sarawak BN and they sure did a good job polishing Najib's shoes, so much so that Najib felt he and his wife could finally sleep soundly at night. 

I have to remind my fellow Sarawakians that loyalty should not be to any particular person, but to the nation. Loyalty is to Malaysia! Not Najib!

Najib is just too clueless as a prime minister.

Sarawak CM: We will back Najib’s leadership through thick and thin

KUCHING: With the expressed support he has received from Sarawak Barisan Nasional, after Sabah and Perlis, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says he can now sleep soundly without worry.
“Just now, the Sarawak Chief Minister (Tan Sri Adenan Satem) said to me, ‘you are not alone’, and I responded with, ‘I’m glad that I’m not alone’.

“Tonight, my wife and I can sleep soundly, we sleep on the same pillow, have the same dream. We feel relieved as it is clear that Sarawak Barisan so sincerely supports me. I can read people’s hearts,” he told thousands of Sarawakians at a leader-meets-people session at Stadium Perpaduan here yesterday.

Warrior Najib chickened out!!

A day after warning his detractors about the warrior spirit in him, Najib chickened out in "Nothing2Hide" dialogue after learning that Dr M was present.

It's embarrassing to have prime minister like Najib. Is it little wonder why he has lost the confidence and trust of many people? 

Yet he like to think he is "not alone", has full support and won't step down due to one man. I think he is delirious.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Malaysia Airlines reboots: Sack Khazanah also

Malaysia Airlines could have been saved awhile ago if the government had been more serious but the situation was left till it was critical. 

Today thousands would have received letter of termination, basically sacked.

While the Malaysia Airlines staff have to bear the brunt of the disaster that they are in, those who "called the shots" are spared. 

By that, I mean the government or those who work in Khazanah.

Khazanah was supposed to be like Temasek of Singapore, an investment arm for Malaysia. I heard those who work there are highly paid unlike their counterparts in government services, yet till now they have nothing impressive to show.. Actually wonder if they have any result at all.

Khazanah makes key decisions for Malaysia Airlines yet they are not accountable for their stuff up.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Top Catch Fish and Chips Hillarys

It has been awhile since I last went to Hillarys Boat Harbour.. So decided to give it a visit again.. The place is still more or less the same, including this fish and chips shop called Top Catch. 

Had their special which was mackerel and chips.. Though being marketed as a "special" by the shop, this dish was nowhere near special. The fish was not fresh.. They must be stingy and sourced some cheap expired mackerel.. 

Also ordered their fried Barramundi, usually a superb dish.. But again this lousy Top Catch restaurant screwed up with their not so fresh Barramundi.

Top Catch Fish and Chips in Hillarys Boat Harbour is a restaurant to avoid.. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Serpentine Falls and surrounding

I heard a couple of rave comments about Serpentine Falls but I was skeptical. How good can it be? Anyway, I went there to see it for myself today.. 

At the entrance, we had to pay AUD$12.00 for entry.. Hmm.. This is above average price for Perth, in fact most places are free. So I thought it better be good..

Walk walk walk a bit, still no sound of waterfalls.. You know, if you go to any decent waterfalls, you can hear its water as you reach closer, to add to the excitement.

Lo and behold, it was the smallest waterfall I ever seen in my whole life.. Since I was there already, I took some obligatory photos (above),, 

 Zoom in to the waterfall.. Even my wife shower would have more water.. 

Nothing much to do really in Serpentine National Park.. Some boring trails..  

This place is really not worth going to.

Serpentine Dam.. I didn't actually see any serpents but I understand this is part of the water catchment for Perth where we get our water from..

On the way home, we stopped by Golden Ponds Restaurant for lunch.. The place is like a mini zoo with its own pony, peacocks, various birds.. They also have their own fish and marron farm..

Black swan.. The symbol of Western Australia.. Yes, they are not for consumption.

 Their food was not too bad.. Their garlic bread was on the crispy side.. Pretty good..

 Their Tasmanian Salmon not bad also despite the not so refined presentation..

Their marron was fresh but its flavour totally overpowered by their garlic sauce..

Their fish and chips look very amateurish but don't be fooled by the look.. It was pretty good stuff.. It's one of the more delicious piece of fish in Perth..  But they were not so good with the chips thought, bit too salty, maybe the chef accidentally knocked the whole bottle of salt into the dish..

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yet another embarrassing moment for ESSCOM

It's another embarrassment for Malaysian security forces guarding the East Coast of Sabah.. It seems those kidnappers can just come as they wish. This time, it's at a popular restaurant in Sandakan, which happens to be only three KM from ESSCOM or some sort of "security presence". 

Furthermore, it occurred during the curfew hours. What's the use of curfew if kidnappers could zoom in and out of Malaysian water at pleasure?

This is sheer incompetence. 

Illegal immigrants to Malaysia

I read hundreds of illegal immigrants arrived in Langkawi by boats.. They looked pitiful and seemed to have gone through much hardship.. Some kind Malaysians offered them food for which they were grateful.. Luckily they arrived now, rather than during general election, where they would be beaten without questions and called names like "Banglasia". 

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Najib getting dumber

Najib is a sad man.. Even people within UMNO are attacking him and want him to step-down as prime minister.

It's little wonder that he is getting dumber by the day and making silly statements.

I read about his lauching a "30% Club" in order to increase female representation in company's board to at least 30% and saying things like "So I urge the leaders amongst you to do more, to take the next step, to break those glass ceilings and install women on your boards".

Maybe he is too caught up with the feminism of the 1960-1970s or his wife's influence, but nowadays we don't talk about male vs female anymore. It's about talent and capability! If you are are better at the job, then you should get the job regardless of your gender.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Malaysia Airlines selling its entire A380 fleet?

Rumours have been going around that Malaysia Airlines is putting their entire A380 fleet and a couple of other aircraft for sale..

Malaysia Airlines being leadership-less is neirther confirming nor denying the news, which in itself will lead to much uncertainty and loss of confidence among their employees and passengers..

I hope the rumour is not true.. Selling their A380 will be a big blow to the airline. It's akin to losing their flagship, the pride of the airline.. Staff morale will be hit. Passengers will think twice about flying with Malaysia Airlines especially if they are left with outdated aircraft.

The repercussion will be severe.. 

This is a time Malaysia Airlines need to rebuild their image as a premier airline, not to damage it further.

So I hope the management won't be short-sighted.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Najib just doesn't know how to respond

Well, in reality, it's not that he won't entertain them, he just does not know how to respond to them..

He is not gifted in giving spontaneous response and off the cuff speech.. Everything needs prepared script and much time before he said anything if at all.. 

Even the above quoted article was based on his blog, not something spontaneous out of his mouth..

It's embarrassing that Malaysia has Najib as Prime Minister.. No talent in public speaking at all.. No wonder how he just can't seem to convince people on anything..

Friday, May 01, 2015

Sabah May Day

It seems Bersih is not satisfied with the mess they made in Peninsular Malaysia, now they want to export it to Sabah.

The people in Sabah and Sarawak are different from those from Peninsular Malaysia. In general, East Malaysians are more tolerance and friendly among the various races and religion.. Less extreme for that matter.. 

We don't do street politics.. Just not our style.. 

Despite whatever they claim, I see unruly behaviours, traffic chaos, rubbish strewn everywhere during the so-called Bersih rally.. I bet most of the people who attended rally wouldn't even know the reason behind the rally but to "join in the fun" and causing inconvenience to other people..

So I am very disappointed to read about Bersih trying to stir people up with their May Day Rally in Sabah.. Just go back. Don't want you causing trouble in East Malaysia.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

End of road for Australian car industry

Yesterday I read about the last of the line made in Australia Toyota Camry. In 2017, there will be no more Australian made cars.. All close shop. 

Australia is simply not competitive enough. Not a good thing as a whole for a country.

Now every country is part of the international community. Need to produce something to sell to other nations. Otherwise how do you make a living?

For years, Australia enjoys good profits from its mining industry to the expense of their manufacturing industry. 

Labour cost is just too expensive, even a plumber can charge you more than a hundred dollars to fix your leaking tap! Imagine to build a car.. 

Now the mining boom has gone bust, things are no longer rosy. 

The talk now is to improve on non-mining industries but Australia has just lost their car manufacturing capability. I think they won't get it back in the foreseeable future. It's gone..

In Malaysia, I know many people want to see Proton closes shop, rather than to see it being successful.. Maybe shortsighted or just ignorant or just too anti government.. There is no other country that I know would belittle their national cars as much as Malaysians.. Even Indians and Chinese don't say bad things about their country's cars. If they don't have nice things to say, they just keep quiet.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dr M & Najib: Being alone

Dr M said he is alone in raising questions about Najib's mismanagement of the country, yet we know he is not alone.. He raises issues of very concerns to the people.. In fact those issues were not raised by him in the first place, it has already been circulating around.. He just highlighted them.

On the other hand, I find it amusing to read that Najib confidently announced he is "not alone".

It just tells me how different "level", different "depth" and level of intellect between Dr M and Najib.

Dr M is smart, witty and can read people's sentiment.. Najib seems clueless on so many things.. 

I think he should resign gracefully..

Dr M asks Najib: Are you sure you’re not alone?

KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 — Continuing his verbal war with Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed today that those who have expressed support for the prime minister amid growing calls for him to quit may have been bribed to do so.

The country’s longest serving prime minister’s assertion followed Najib’s sarcastic remark that he was “not alone”, which was apparently said in response to Dr Mahathir’s persistent attacks towards his leadership in recent months.

Today, Dr Mahathir suggested Najib was delusional by thinking he has genuine support from Umno leaders and party grassroots, alleging further that the show of confidence towards the Najib administration was only a staged political gimmick.

“They say ‘I support PM’. When there is an event they sing the IM4U song, but is that real support?

“They can be paid to say those things.

“They may say it because they are afraid to lose their allowances or lose their positions.

“We will never know.

“But even so, he says ‘I am not alone’,” the former prime minister told a packed townhall meeting held here.

The former Umno president slammed Najib further by saying if a prime minister cannot read politics and differentiate genuine or fake support, he is then not fit to lead.

“If he does not even understand this, then, how can he lead?”

Two days ago Najib told a conference full of investors at Invest Malaysia 2015 in the city that he was not alone as investors and businesses have supposedly expressed confidence in his leadership.

“There has been some talk lately in Malaysia about how it can be lonely telling the truth,” said Najib
at the event in the capital this morning.

“I can tell you that I don’t feel lonely standing here today..

Malaysia Airlines directionless

It's only a matter of days before the Malaysia Airlines CEO takes over.. In the meantime the current management just really doesn't instil any confidence.. Chopping routes here and there.. Downgrade pruducts and reduce services constantly.. No game plan at all.. I hope those lousy people in the management won't be part of the new Malaysia Airlines..

Malaysia Airlines undergoing transformation pains

THE restructuring of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) will probably leave the airline to be a shell of its former self.

Routes and jobs are being cut, and its pilots are looking to hop to other airlines as uncertainties loom.
The despair over the current situation has also led to its powerful union throwing in the towel to wind up operations.

Amid all this, there are questions as to whether what is being done now is part of the same cookie cutter model that did not work in the past where routes were cut and then reinstated, and planes filled at the expense of yields.

What puzzle many is who is really making all those decisions on route cuts at a time when MAS group CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya prepares to leave the airline at the end of the month. Christoph Mueller will succeed him on May 1 as MD and group CEO of MAS.

Many remain hopeful the airline might not need to cut the 6,000 jobs that MAS parent, Khazanah Nasional Bhd wants to slash, which has created uncertainty among its employees.

Amid the insecurity, Korean Airlines last week conducted a road show to offer pilots jobs and a “better future with security.’’

There was a big turnout, many from MAS. Even other airlines such as Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways have done roadshows of late because there is a demand globally for skilled pilots.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Najib is a pathetic lousy politician

Come under criticisms from Dr M, Najib went around asking for support. Apparently, many in UMNO and BN pledged their support, much like many who carried "I love PM" banners prior to the election. After election, still lost the popular vote.

Najib is just pathetic. He is a lousy politician.

The issues raised by Dr M are nothing new. There have been around for awhile and these issues have not been answered effectively by Najib, if at all. Thus people no longer trusts the government. So Dr's prediction is valid, BN may well lose the next general election.

Najib should not just answer to Dr M but to the people!

When face with allegations, Najib just choose the "elegant silence", maybe hoping that they will go away, maybe he doesn't know how to respond. But by not answering allegations, he raises doubt and suspicions by the people.

Allegations are part and parcel of politic, if he doesn't know how to respond, he should quit. Allegations will keep on coming.

Among the key allegations now is 1MDB. If you lost money, at least you could explain how it was lost. Afterall, in business, sometimes investments just don't work out. With 1MDB, we don't even know what the money was spent on. What projects are they doing? Apparently, money gone missing. We don't know where. RM42 billions!

The Altantuya's issue is a big story now simply because of Najib's "elegant silence" in the past allowing suspicions to grow to what it is today. If he were to counter effectively at the start, it would have been a none issue.

Likewise all the previous allegations like Lynas, he didn't know how to respond.

It has been several years since Najib is PM. No achievements. Nothing to show. No leadership. What is his stance on Hudud? On China's aggression in South China Sea? What is his gameplan on improving Malaysia's economy?

The only problem is who to replace Najib? Not a lot of alternative? Maybe Ku Li?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lunch at Kuza Urban Japanese Restaurant

 Went for early lunch in Kuza Urban Japanese Restaurant today. It's a place I frequented often but mostly for dinner.

Plus all nearby restaurants had not opened yet despite it being eleven something, so decision making was easy. So the saying is true that early birds get the worm, and today I am the worm, the restaurant is the bird. They made a little business from me by simply opening earlier than their competitors.

The Salmon ceviche was good. Certainly one of the better ones in town. All the ingredients and flavour in harmony with each other.

Their ramen was average. Have had better ones. The best ramen in Perth in my view is Nao near the Royal Perth Hospital end of the city. Next time I show photo.

Separate ingredient for the ramen, they don't add them together.
Kastu chicken

Kuza Urban Japanese Restaurant
393 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hudud & silly politic 2

DAP campaigned very hard for PAS prior to the general election claiming no Hudud, rule by consensus, welfare state not Islamic state and all other bullshits.

Those bullshits did work and for the first time in Malaysia history, many Chinese not only voted for PAS but also openly supported them. On Facebook, there were certainly many "likes". There was also PAS supporter club made up of Chinese.

With the support, PAS became stronger. They are now in a better position to push through the implementation of Hudud and they are doing just that.

The non-PAS Muslim politicians are now in a difficult spot as they risk losing support if they don't support Hudud. Apparently Muslims are told it's their duty to implement Hudud. Not supporting Hudud will make them appear not religious, though in reality, we know politicians are the dirtiest bunch. If you think they are religious just by supporting Hudud, then you better get your head examined.

Instead of taking the responsibility for supporting PAS, DAP is trying to shift the blame UMNO. Typical useless and shameless people.

Fortunately, as a relief from the silly politic we see in Peninsular Malaysia, things in Sarawak are much better.

The state government is championing issues that are at the very heart of Sarawakians. Protecting our rainforests, improving livelihood, rid illegal immigrants and etc.

Plus Sarawak is arguably the strongest voice of moderation in Malaysia today.

These are what politicians are voted in to do, not some silly political games and manouvering like there is nothing else better to do.

Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant

 Felt slightly adventurous and decided to try a new place for dim sum over the weekend rather than the usual fare.

After reading some reviews, we went to Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant in Morley.

Don't be fooled by the name as the restaurant is nowhere near the sea, not even a drain. So don't imagine coconut trees or seabreeze around.

Anyway, the restaurant is not that hard to find. It's just beside Galleria Shopping Center. Parking was easy.

Like most Chinese restaurant, the interior design is not worth mentioning. In fact, it is non existent.

Sound echoes loudly due to lack to insulation and Chinese patrons who felt more than welcomed to speak at the top of their voice. If you like peace and quiet while enjoying your dim sum, this place is not for you.

There were many waiters and waitresses. Somehow they all dressed in black uniforms despite it being a not so auspicious colour for Chinese. So if you plan to visit, don't dress in black, otherwise people may mistaken you as one of their workers.

The food is good, so no complaint here. The variety is wide though they don't put them all in the carts, you need to order some of them.

Photos below..

Silver Seas Restaurant
10 Old Collier Road, Morley

Siu Mai

"Money pouch" but inside is seafood, not money 

Seafood dumpling

Beancurd wrapped seafoo

Prawn dumpling

Egg yolk bun

Sesame ball

Sago and grass jelly in coconut milk

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hudud & the silly game to out-Islam each other

Pakatan has a very strong, well coordinated and effective propaganda machinery. Many times better than Barisan, who are just lame ducks. They are master in shaping people's perception on various issues and people. Afterall it is the perception that matters, not whether it's right or wrong. 

Pakatan is so good at what they are doing that I know before the general election, there were a lot of Chinese who supported PAS.

Chinese supporting PAS was unimaginable only one or two decades ago, but they achieved the impossible. Many Chinese I know even "liked" PAS and particularly Niz Aziz on Facebook.

They went around town singing the tune "anything but UMNO", i.e no matter how bad PAS is, UMNO is worse. They announced "rule by consensus" to reassure those who were apprehensive about Hudud. Yet on the other hand, they subtly implied Hudud is not so bad afterall as it will be UMNO's hands who will be choped off to soften the impact once it's implemented.

When I told people not to listen to these bullshits, it fell to deaf ears. In fact I was told to "wake up".

PAS is an extremist Muslim party. That is its origin. It was formed when the extremist group could not agree and left UMNO to set up their own political party.

Their priority is not development or wellbeing of the people but to set up Islamic country like those in Arab.

Just look at Kelantan. The state is so backward in development that it's embarassing yet all they could think about is implementing Hudud.

Those who criticised the implementation already received death threats, rape and etc. This tells you how civilized these people are.

With PAS gaining more power, it forces the others to step up. Now there is the unhealthy competition to "out-Islam" one another.

We have rules such as on strict dress codes, shop closure on Friday, close proximity and gender seperation to appear more Islamic.

The Muslim extremists got nothing better to do than to mimic what they feel is the Islamic way of life. In reality, they are just mimicking the Arab living. These people should not be in politic at all.

If we are not careful, one day we will be like ISIS and behead people. Actually we already have Malaysians in ISIS and they were from PAS!!

I actually miss the days when Dr M was the prime minister. Strong and practical leadership. In his words, there should not be compulsion in Islam or any religion for that matter. If you want to do something, do it yourself but don't force it on other people. If you want to "out-Islam" one another, do it in your deeds, rather than silly legislations.

Extremist party like PAS should not be supported. I hope DAP will stop beating around the bush and leave Pakatan at once.